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Hi, Ryan here at Freedom Valley Farm. Are you surprised at how fast summer has flown by? Wow! It has passed us so fast! 

So as summer is coming to a close, we have started brainstorming on our latest idea to make it easier for our customers to get their hands on our grass fed meats. You may have even seen or commented on our recent facebook post about this idea.

First of all though, a proper thank you is in order to YOU!!!

You have stuck with us and helped to support our family farm business! Thank you so much for coming out to the farm or picking your meats up at one of our drop sites, we really do appreciate your support and commitment to eating healthy, clean food. Please know that you are giving LIFE to the dream of our family to grow our sustainable farm business with each purchase you make!

So many people I know (myself included) use Amazon on a regular basis, making it supper easy to get just about any thing delivered to your door in just a few days, or less. The truth is, we are living in “the age of Amazon” now, where folks expect to be able to conveniently and quickly get their hands on whatever it is they are looking for. And while we will probably never be able to compete on the same level as companies like Amazon, we do want to do our best to make it EASY for YOU to get our grass fed meats onto your table.

freedom valley farm home deliveryThis is where we want to HEAR from you. If we were to deliver the order that you place online through our website to your FRONT DOOR or OFFICE, would this make it more convenient for you, and would it make you more likely to buy your meats from us?

This is what we have in mind. You would place your order online through our user friendly website, and pay a delivery fee. This fee would help to cover our gas and time for the driver, and would be based on your proximity to the farm, maybe starting at around 5 to 10  bucks. 

You would pay at our online checkout with credit card or PayPal, your choice. Then we would deliver your order to your front door or place of work on a set day every week, say Tuesday for example. 

All we would ask is that you place a cooler outside your door for us to drop your delivery in, or have someone home to receive it. 

And then…Bam! Farm fresh meats delivered straight to your door!

So what do you think? Is this a service you would use? 

We want to serve our customers well, and only want to focus our energy on things that help improve the lives of our customers. 

little boy on horse at freedom valley farmSo if this is honestly not something that you would use as a customer, let us know! We know that there will still be customers that enjoy taking a ride out to the farm, seeing the animals, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and making an experience out of it. You may be one of those folks. We love you guys! You’re like part of our family. 

But even so, we were thinking this may be a nice convenience for those busier times of the year when you just can’t make it out to the farm.


Simply comment at the bottom of this post, and tell us your thoughts. 

It could be a simple yay or nay.

Maybe you want to share suggestions on different ways to do this.

Maybe you’d like to tell us what day of the week would be a good one for delivery… whatever comes to mind.

Thank you so much in advance, your help is so appreciated!!!