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About Freedom Valley Farm


Our family birthed the idea of a working farm many years ago…

Back in 2006 what is now Freedom Valley Farm was just a dream. I had just started homeschooling my four rough and rowdy (but always endearing) boys. Mornings spent snuggled up on the couch, reading through classic adventure books ignited in our hearts and minds a strong desire for greater independence in our every day living. Land to roam, fields to play in, animals to rear and gardens to grow.

We started with a little garden. Then my hubby and our four boys built a chicken coop for our very first flock of laying hens.

As the boys grew, so did our knowledge, passion and skills for all things organic, healing and self-sufficient.

In 2015, we were blessed with the land we now call Freedom Valley Farm!

Today, our family farm is thriving! Our mission is to provide clean and humanely raised meat while sharing the simplicity and beauty found at a healing and regenerative farm. We are still a family operation with a team made up of four brothers (Ryan, Billy, Josh and Luke) together with mom and dad.

We are proud to raise grass-fed beef, chicken,  pork and turkey for our customers – to be your source for superior, nutrient-dense animal products that are healthy and flavorful. At the same time we give our animals the life they deserve, roaming their natural environment and enjoying their natural diet.

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Gina Hamby is an experienced homesteader and homeschooler, with over 15 years of experience. In addition to her work for Freedom Valley Farm, she also helps give practical advise and encouragement to homeschoolers at her website