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Grass Fed Meats From a Maryland Family Farm


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Pasture Raised, Grass Fed Meats

No antibiotics, added hormones, GMO’s, or vaccines 

The Animals We Raise And How We Raise Them 

Pasture Raised Chicken

Our customers say it again and again, “your chicken is the best I’ve ever had”. That’s because we raise them on pasture, where they breathe fresh air and eat sweet grasses. Always free from antibiotics, vaccines and added growth hormones, and fed a Non-GMO soy-free feed.

Wood-Lot Pastured Pork

We raise our pigs on in the woods, where they are free to frolic around eating bugs, grubs, worms, acorns, grasses and roots. Raised on Non-GMO feed, without any antibotics, vaccines or added hormones.

100% Grass Fed Beef

Our beef cows are raised and finished on grass, and are free from antibiotics, vaccines and added hormones. They live a happy life getting moved to fresh green pastures daily. This gives you the healthiest beef possible.

3 Ways to Buy Our Meats

Buy In Bulk

Like getting a discount? Then place a bulk order! You can save 10-15% on beef, chicken and pork by buying in bulk.

Get Your Meat Delivered to You

Freedom Valley does Home and Office delivery bi-weekly, so that you can have your order conveniently delivered to you! 

Pick Up At The Farm

Shop our online store and then choose to pick up your order at our scenic family farm. 


The Hamby Family

Our family birthed the idea of a working farm many years ago.

Back in 2006 what is now Freedom Valley Farm was just a dream. I had just started homeschooling my four rough and rowdy (but always endearing) boys. Mornings spent snuggled up on the couch, reading through classic adventure books ignited in our hearts and minds a strong desire for greater independence in our every day living. Land to roam, fields to play in, animals to rear and gardens to grow…

Customer Reviews

Jason Nance

What an awesome place. Fresh food and great people.

Jason Nance

MaryBeth Nance

I am so glad that we bought 70 pounds of chicken today. I roasted one tonight and it was quite possibly the best chicken I’ve ever tasted!

MaryBeth Nance

Jean Buckholtz

I slow cooked one of the two chickens purchased last week. The meat is DELICIOUS–tender, juicy and so flavorful. I am very impressed regarding how clean, well-prepared, and packaged the chicken was presented to us for purchase. The family’s dedication to providing high quality meats, utilizing sustainable farming practices, is admirable and appreciated. Suggest you try this farms’ products and see the difference in quality for yourself.

Jean Buckholtz

Jim Berk

An Amazing family that wishes to share the benefits of healthy living and harmony with natural products. Do yourself and your family a favor and be sure to check them out

Jim Berk

Lauren Kilroy Masseron


Lauren Kilroy Masseron


Freedom Valley is quality. The animals are treated with respect and live a great life consuming food they were meant to eat. In return, we end up with healthy, great tasting meats. We’ve been thoroughly impressed from the day we first visited the farm though each visit to the farm store. This is a true family farm of good people that provide an excellent product and service. We plan to continue our relationship with this family and farm for many years to come.


John Marn

Highly recommended, and their bacon is to die for!

John Marn