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The Hamby Family


Good thing time machines are simply the ideas of fiction books and movies, otherwise you and I (Gina, aka Mom) may never have had the chance to meet.

Let me explain… our family actually birthed the dream of a working farm many years ago. The stage was set through my love of American history, especially the westward expansion of the 1800’s. The dream saw it’s beginnings around 2006 as an  endeavor to homeschool my four rough and rowdy, but always endearing boys. Mornings spent snuggled up on the couch together, reading through classic adventure books of the 1800s had ignited in our hearts and minds, a strong desire for greater independence in our every day living. Notions of land to roam, fields to play in, animals to raise and gardens to grow; these are the thoughts that were planted within us. 

It started out with a little garden, followed by hubby and our four boys building a chicken coop for our very first flock of laying hens. 

As the boys grew, so did our knowledge, passion and skills for all things organic, healing and self-sufficient. 

In 2015, we were blessed with the land we now call Freedom Valley Farm. Today, our family’s mission is to not only provide clean and humanely raised meat , but also to provide you with the fruits of our labor, while sharing the simplicity and beauty found through a healing and regenerative farm.

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Our Pasture-Raised Meats

How We Treat And Raise Our Animals

100% Grass Fed Beef

Our beef cows are raised and finished on grass forages, they are not fed any grain. They are moved to fresh grass paddocks frequently, this not only increases sanitation by moving them away from yesterday’s droppings, but also helps build soil and grass productivity.

By keeping our cows on grass and always on the move, we stray far from the conventional methods of raising beef animals, which involves confined spaces and lots of grain for their feed.

Beef can be purchased in bulk by the quarter or the half, or can be purchased by individual retail cuts (steaks, roasts, ground beef etc…).

Pastured Chicken

Behind the cows come the chickens. We house them in open bottom shelters. Within these shelters, the chickens have constant access to fresh grass, bugs and critters teaming within the grass.

Our birds have free access to non-GMO feed. But they also gather a considerable part of their diet from forage and insects.

We move their shelters to fresh grass daily, allowing the birds to explore a new piece of pasture. This also gives them a fresh bed of grass each night.

Compare this to how industrial poultry is raised, where birds are confined, tightly packed and never see the light of day. Beyond that, industrial birds are fed antibiotic-laced feed and require vaccinations–just to survive.

We believe there is a much better way, for the birds and for us. We process our chickens on farm, ensuring the chickens are superior from start to finish.

Chicken can be purchased fresh on the farm a few dates throughout the year or frozen year round (whole chicken, chicken breasts, leg quarters etc…).

Pastured Pork

Pigs are simply amazing creatures to observe as they use their large plow-like snouts to forage. The old saying is true, pigs will eat anything! Acorns, berries, grass, roots, vegetable scraps, and even bugs and grubs.

To take advantage of this amazing foraging behavior, we run our pigs through partially wooded, partially pasture paddocks. This allows them to take advantage of all the food sources found within these paddocks, moving them to a fresh paddock weekly. They do have access to non-GMO feed, but derive a large amount of their nutrition from the land.

Our pigs spend their lives outside in the fresh air and sunshine, able to use their plow like snout to dig for roots and acorns to their heart’s delight! This is greatly contrasted by conventional pigs, where they are kept on concrete and metal grates in confinement buildings, where they never have access to fresh air or open space.

Pork can be purchased in bulk by the half or the whole, or can be purchased by individual retail cuts (hams, sausage, bacon etc…)

Pastured Turkey

Turkeys are raised much like our chickens, in open bottom shelter where they have constant access to the fresh grass, bugs and critters teaming within the grass. The birds have free access to non-GMO feed, but gather a considerable part of their diet between the forage and bugs.

We then move these shelters daily to new grass, allowing the birds a new piece of ground to forage over, as well as giving them a fresh bed of grass to rest in overnight.  Compare this to how turkeys are typically raised, where the birds are kept inside in tight confinement, never seeing sunshine and fresh air, and are fed a grain-based diet with no forages. Not to mention they require antibiotics and vaccines to combat extremely unsanitary conditions.

Through our methods, we are able to produce a truly superior turkey for your Thanksgiving table. We take deposits on our fresh turkeys, and once we have sold out, we are out for the year.

Customer Reviews


Freedom Valley is quality. The animals are treated with respect and live a great life consuming food they were meant to eat. In return, we end up with healthy, great tasting meats. We’ve been thoroughly impressed from the day we first visited the farm though each visit to the farm store. This is a true family farm of good people that provide an excellent product and service. We plan to continue our relationship with this family and farm for many years to come.


What an awesome place.

What an awesome place. Fresh food and great people.

Jason Nance

Suggest you try this farms' products and see the difference..

I slow cooked one of the two chickens purchased last week. The meat is DELICIOUS--tender, juicy and so flavorful. I am very impressed regarding how clean, well-prepared, and packaged the chicken was presented to us for purchase. The family's dedication to providing high quality meats, utilizing sustainable farming practices, is admirable and appreciated. Suggest you try this farms' products and see the difference in quality for yourself.

Jean Buckholtz



Lauren Kilroy Masseron

Highly recommended, and their bacon is to die for!

John Marn

..the best chicken I’ve ever tasted!

I am so glad that we bought 70 pounds of chicken today. I roasted one tonight and it was quite possibly the best chicken I’ve ever tasted!

MaryBeth Nance sure to check them out

An Amazing family that wishes to share the benefits of healthy living and harmony with natural products. Do yourself and your family a favor and be sure to check them out

Jim Berk


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