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I wanted to write to let you know real quick that we will have all beef back in stock at the farm store this Saturday. Yay, no more barren  beef store shelves! You can also keep an eye on the online store over the weekend, as we will be updating the beef inventory at the online store as well.

Ever since covid broke back around March, we have been working hard to keep up with the demand, and to be quite honest it has been a bit of a struggle! It would seem as soon as we would fix one shortage, such as chicken, then something else like pork would be out of stock all the sudden! (by the way, more pork will be on the way to the farm store by the end of this month).

It hasn’t helped this year either that the butcher shops are booked into next year, and it has been hard to find more animals to raise on the farm, like baby piglets. So we have improvised, for example this latest batch of beef had to be butchered at a butcher shop nearly 4 hours away, almost into NY! We also had our own baby piglets born right here on the farm for the very first time this year (I have to admit, that was pretty cool).

Other firsts for this year include raising and selling WAY more chicken than we ever have! We are having our 7th and 8th fresh chicken pick ups of the year coming up on October 31st and November 7th. If your interested, we still have plenty of fresh chicken available for those dates.

We are also keeping plenty of beef, pork and chicken on hand for stock here at the farm store. When the panic food buying broke out back in the spring, our shelves were bare in less than a month. With so many people predicting similar circumstances this winter (you can even find stories on the media of big box stores like Costco and Walmart stock piling necessities for the winter​), we are doing our very best to secure as much meat on hand to have to sell through the winter.

A big goal at the farm right now is to be a food resource in our local community. But you have to have food for sale to do that 🙂 So we even went and made the jump to purchase a walk-in freezer this month. We should be having that delivered next week. It’s a huge jump for us because of the massive up front cost (nearly $15,000, that’s a big chuck of change for a business of our size), but we are thinking that our timing is right.

Now that we are officially in fall (I can’t deny it’s fall time any more), we are also thinking ahead to the holidays. Thanksgiving in particular, because it is really just around the corner. Well, and it is certainly awesome with all the good food. If you have been on our email list for some time now, you may remember me talking about a three sisters garden that we planted in the spring. Because we grow organically without the use of pesticides, weeds nearly overtook the garden and made it the 3 orphans garden 😆

Never the less, we were able to harvest a handsome amount of heirloom variety corn, which we will grind into our own corn meal. Good thing too, because it’s the main ingredient in my favorite Thanksgiving corn bread stuffing! It always pairs really nice with the gravy and our pasture raised turkey!

So, just wanted to write to let you know we are working on getting back in stock your favorite cuts of meat, and give you a little bit of an inside looks into what we have been up to lately at the farm. Thanks for reading!