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100% Grass Fed Beef

Our beef cows are raised and finished on grass forages, they are not fed any grain. They are moved to fresh grass paddocks frequently, this not only increases sanitation by moving them away from yesterday’s droppings, but also helps build soil and grass productivity. They are fed grass hay during the winter. We also don’t use any antibiotics, vaccines or added hormones. 

By keeping our cows on grass and always on the move, we stray far from the conventional methods of raising beef animals, which involves confined spaces and lots of grain for their feed. 

Buy 100% Grass Fed Beef

You can always buy individual steaks, roasts, ground beef and more at our on farm store. To see our farm store hours and location, click here. To see what beef is currently in stock, click here.

Freedom Valley Farm also offers beef by the quarter, or half. This option saves you 10-15% when compared to buying individual cuts. We have our beef processed at Bowman’s, a USDA inspected facility. You can choose to have us select a standard set of cuts for your beef, or you can have the butcher contact you to get completely custom cuts. You will pick up your beef from our farm store once it is ready. 

Quarter Beef Share: When buying a quarter, the price will be $4.49/lb. Expect to get back around 85 – 100 pounds of beef. Estimated cost: $550 – $675 (depending on weight) plus processors fee. Availability: Either early July or early Decembermber 2019.

Half Beef Share: When buying a half, the price will be $4.29/lb. Expect to get back approximately 170 – 200 pounds of beef. Estimated cost: $1100 – $1300 (depending on weight) plus processors fee. Availability: Either early July or early December 2019.