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Do you love to feel on top of your game, sharp, focused and energetic? Probably, you don’t just want to feel it, you want to look on top of your game too.  I know for me, this is something I am very actively pursuing! 

 According to MarketWatch, the self improvement arena was a $9.9 billion market in the US last year and only expected to grow. 

So you and I are not alone! 

But if you’re like me, your life is full to the brim with work, family obligations, projects and social commitments. You don’t have much time to do homework on what you’re really supposed to eat and do to create the best version of yourself possible.

How a specific diet can be key

Now, looking good and feeling sharp are pretty strong motivators for all of us. But…but what if you literally had to eat optimally because your life depended on it?

As Ryan shared some background with you in this update, a dilemma like this is exactly what drove me to seek out a very specifically trained, functional neurologist. Dr Gates, my neurologist, shared that in order to help my brain recover, we had to remove the inflammation, with optimal diet being a key factor of the journey back to “me”. 

Imagine not being able to speak the things you were thinking…I mean, you actually can’t make the muscles in your mouth coordinate with the thoughts in your head. Or what if as you read words on pages, none of them made sense. How hard would it be if, on most days, you had headaches and pain, combined with an overwhelming fatigue, physically and mentally, that caused you to feel as if you were walking through a very muddy field on a Night so foggy that you couldn’t see the hand in front of your face. And as if the dizziness, nausea and inability to drive were not enough… no matter how hard you tried, you could not shake the feeling of being edgy, depressed and anxious. And then, you hear of well meaning but misinformed acquaintances giving their opinion of how you should just try harder or that it’s simply “all in your head”. You’re left wondering, “Will I ever get better?”…and those closest to you wonder the very same thing. 

Would those symptoms be enough for you to do whatever it took to regain “You” again? For me, it absolutely was! I was highly motivated to regain the happy, productive, ever hopeful and quick witted Gina that I used to be.

So what does a person eat when they want to help their brain and body heal? It’s the million dollar question and I am going to give you what the answer has been for me.

The short version for regaining vitality

•Grass-based, clean meat

•Quality fats



A little more of “what and why”

• Grass-based, clean meat- Chicken, pork, beef, turkey, goat, rabbit and organ meats like liver and heart free of highly inflammatory antibiotics, hormones and unsanitary methods of conventionally raised meat typically bought in the grocery store. 

• Quality fats-Lard from pastured pork, olive oil, avocado oil and coconut.

• Vegetables-organic is best, (eliminate nightshades for 3 plus months~potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant) 

• Fruits-organic, low glycemic fruits are best, such as berries, apples and grapefruit 

Eat Local, Clean, and Regenerative Food

That’s the basics of the brain and body revitalizing diet. It has the added benefit of helping to reverse autoimmune diseases, like Ryan talked about recently. I’m learning how to cook with alternative ingredients to make some deliciously, delightful meals and snacks that will make you wonder why you ever stressed about giving up grains, gluten, dairy and sugar! 

The Results 

Are you wondering if pastured poultry can truly make you sexy and smarter?! 

Well, for me, after just 3 1/2 weeks, the answer is a resounding yes! Being able to enjoy fats, produce and nourishing meats from our farm, Freedom Valley, has given me measurable, highly positive results. My critical thinking and speech have improved greatly. I am regaining my energy, my resilience to stress and my joy that are such a blessing to possess. And, as an utterly delightful “side effect”, inches and pounds are starting to disappear. Who wouldn’t love those kinds of results any time of the year, but especially now with the excitement of spring right around the corner?! 

After trying and proving it personally, I can with the upmost confidence, recommend this way of eating to anyone wishing to achieve ultimate health and vitality. 

Blessings To Your Health Quest~ Gina

P.S. I wanted to share one of my favorite cookbooks that I use by Dr Amy Myers, The Autoimmune Solution Cookbook that follows this way of eating. I rented it at the library, or find it for sale online.

Gina Hamby is an experienced homesteader and homeschooler, with over 15 years of experience. In addition to her work for Freedom Valley Farm, she also helps give practical advise and encouragement to homeschoolers at her website