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Pastured Pork

Pigs are simply amazing creatures to observe as they use their large plow-like snouts to forage. The old saying is true, pigs will eat anything! Acorns, berries, grass, roots, vegetable scraps, and even bugs and grubs.

To take advantage of this amazing foraging behavior, we run our pigs through partially wooded, partially pasture paddocks. This allows them to take advantage of all the food sources found within these paddocks, moving them to a fresh paddock weekly. They do have access to non-GMO feed, but derive a large amount of their nutrition from the land. We never use any antibiotics, vaccines or added hormones. 

Our pigs spend their lives outside in the fresh air and sunshine, able to use their plow like snout to dig for roots and acorns to their heart’s delight! This is greatly contrasted by conventional pigs, where they are kept on concrete and metal grates in confinement buildings, where they never have access to fresh air or open space.  

Buy Pastured Pork

You can always buy pork chops, bacon, sausage and much more at our online farm store. To see what pork is currently in stock, click here.

Freedom Valley Farm also offers pork by the quarterhalf, or whole. This option saves you 10-20% when compared to buying individual cuts. We have our pork processed at USDA inspected facilities. Processing prices typically run around $1-$1.50/lb. You can choose to have us select a standard set of cuts for your pork, or you can have the butcher contact you to get completely custom cuts. You will pick up your pork from our farm once it is ready.  

Quarter Pork Share: When buying a quarter, expect to get back approximately 40-50lbs of pork.

Check 1/4 pig pricing and availability

Half Pork Share: When buying a half, expect to get back approximately 80-100lbs of pork. 

Check 1/2 pig pricing and availability

Whole Pork Share: When buying a whole pig, expect to get back approximately 160-200lbs of pork. 

Check whole pig pricing and availability