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Pastured Chicken

Behind the cows come the chickens. We house them in open bottom shelters. Within these shelters, the chickens have constant access to fresh grass, bugs and critters teaming within the grass. We never use antibiotics, vaccines or added hormones.

Our birds have free access to non-GMO feed. But they also gather a considerable part of their diet from forage and insects. We move their shelters to fresh grass daily, allowing the birds to explore a new piece of pasture. This also gives them a fresh bed of grass each night.

Compare this to how industrial poultry is raised, where birds are confined, tightly packed and never see the light of day. Beyond that, industrial birds are fed antibiotic-laced feed and require vaccinations–just to survive.

We believe there is a much better way, for the birds and for us. We process our chickens on farm, ensuring the chickens are superior from start to finish

Buy Pastured Chicken

You can always buy chicken breasts, leg quarters, whole chicken and much more at our on farm store. To see our farm store hours and location, click here. To see what chicken is currently in stock, click here.

Our farm also offers fresh chicken multiple times throughout the year. We offer a nice discount on these chickens, as they don’t take up any freezer space, as you are picking the chicken up the day it is processed. You get to select the day you want to pick up your chicken from our available dates. We also offer an even deeper discount when you order 12 or more chickens at a time. 


We at times also offer stewing hens, which are laying hens that have done their time. They are of course much more lean than a meat chicken, but are full of rich yellow fat, which makes them great for soups and bone broths. You can check on their availability here.