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Fresh Chicken (Deposit)


Get your fresh pasture raised chicken here! Our chickens are pastured, Non-GMO and soy free. They are always free from antibiotics, vaccines and added hormones.

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Get your hands on our flagship product! Our whole pasture raised soy free non-GMO chicken!

Place the $5 deposit on our fresh chicken and then pay the remaining balance on your chicken once you pick up. 1 deposit = 1 chicken reserved for you. So put in your cart as many deposits as you want chickens.

You can place orders for any of the pickup dates listed in the drop down menu. You may also choose to pick up at multiple dates, for instance 6 chickens in summer and then 12 chickens in fall.

We now also offer the ability to buy your chicken cut up straight from the butcher. That means you will get back chicken breasts, tenders, wings, leg and thigh as well as backs (for making broth). All cuts will be packaged and labeled separately. Because of packaging requirements, the cut up chickens must be bought in groups of 4 chickens.

2024 pricing:

1-11 Fresh Chickens: Whole $6.49/lb, cut up $7.49/lb 

12-49 Fresh Chickens: Whole $5.85/lb, cut up $6.85/lb 

50+ Fresh Chickens: Whole $5.20/lb, cut up $6.20/lb 

Our chickens range in weight from 4-6lbs.

Pickup days will typically be on Fridays and Saturdays, we will email you the week of pickup to let you know the hours.   Your chicken will be processed at a USDA facility and will be fresh when you pick it up. If you are not able to pick up on the designated day, or you choose to have it delivered, we will freeze the chicken for you and you may get it as your schedule suits.

Estimated cost: $25-$40 each chicken (depending on bulk discount, weight and cutup or whole)

Got questions? Feel free to email or call us for help with ordering!

Additional information

Pick-up date

Weekend of July 5th, Weekend of August 9th, Weekend of September 20th, Weekend of October 18th

Whole or Cut Up Chicken?

Whole, Cut Up (4 cut up chickens)