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mRNA: U R What U Eat

Truly, people are wising up and becoming very smart consumers, and we couldn’t be happier to see this trend!!

No mRNA in our meatFreedom Valley has been fielding a lot of questions from our customers about whether or not we give the mRNA vaccine to our livestock. “Is mRNA vaccines in our meat?”

We Do Not Vaccinate Our Animals.

We never have and we never will! Goodness, we won’t even vaccinate ourselves with the mRNA vaccine, so we’re certainly not going to give our animals vaccines 🙂

At Freedom Valley Farm, we are committed to raising animals naturally, in the fresh air on grassy pastures, in the sunshine, drinking fresh water; the way they were meant to be raised. In fact, we’re also committed to saying no to antibiotics and no to hormones for our animals. This is the way we have always raised your meat, and the way we will continue to do so.

We know that when we raise animals they way they were designed to be raised, you do not need all the junk that has been put into grocery store meat.

We Know, You Know: You Are What You Eat. Healthy animals = healthy people.

We take that seriously. We are grateful you place your trust in us at Freedom Valley Farm, to provide you with high quality, nutrient dense, vaccine free meat.

Thank you for being smart shoppers, asking the important questions and helping support your local community through being a part of Freedom Valley’s family of customers!

So, to the question “is mRNA vaccines in our meat?”, the answer is “Absolutely not!”

​If you want to learn more about the types of animals we raise and how we raise them, click here.

Grateful to be your farmer,

Gina Hamby