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Bulk buysHave you been noticing the fluctuating meat prices, out-of-stock items and talk of food shortages popping up in the grocery store? Does it leave you feeling worried it could be a sign of larger supply chain issues? Are you concerned that it’s becoming harder to find affordable and high-quality meat to feed yourself and your family?

Perhaps now might be the perfect time to take matters into your own hands and seize the opportunity to stock up on farm fresh, nutrient-dense meats from Freedom Valley. Our bulk buys of farm fresh meat are the perfect solution for anyone looking to:

  • Save Money
  • Avoid the Stress of Grocery Shopping
  • Increase Food Security
  • Enjoy Convenience of Having Tasty Meats on Hand For Meals
  • Shop Local to Build a More Sustainable Community Food System

But are you wondering, “what exactly is bulk buys?”

While you can buy meat from our online farm store year round, bulk buys gives you the chance to purchase our meats in bulk at the greatest discount! This may be 12 chickens, half a pig, a quarter cow, or whatever works well for you and your family!

So how does it work?

  • Each year we only raise a limited amount of meat available for bulk buys, and we open bulk buys for pre-ordering in March. Once it is all pre-ordered, it’s gone!
  • You place a deposit on the bulk buys of meat you think will supply your family best, guaranteeing you get the meat you want.
  • We raise your meat on pasture throughout the year, and once your bulk buy is ready for pickup, we reach out to let you know. Then you can come pick up your meat at the farm or arrange for us to deliver it straight to your door. You’ll be able to pay the remaining balance at that time.
  • The best discount on our grass fed meats, coupled with the assurance your freezer is full, is like having a mini grocery store right in your own home!


Ready to see what’s available? Click here to go to our online bulk buys store page. 

Still have questions? We would love to help, you can contact us here.