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Mexican Egg Producers, Mexican Drug Cartels and the US Border?

Most of us know that there is an ongoing problem of drug smuggling along the US-Mexico border. It’s estimated that each year, the cartels flood US markets with billions of dollars worth of illegal drugs. It is a lucrative and ongoing problem, but just recently, a new commodity is being illegally smuggled across the Mexican border, headed for the US consumer. You might be quite surprised to learn what the latest contraband is!

Surprisingly Hot Commodity 

Gina with chickenThe ever humble … EGG 🍳! 

Who would have ever thought this nutrient packed, versatile source of nourishment would become such a big deal in headlines across the nation, even causing waves in smuggling rings across the US-Mexico border?!

And what is it anyway that makes Mexican eggs such a hot commodity right now?

Did you know that Mexico is not struggling with egg production and supply?

Did you also know that Mexico does not allow GMOs, especially in their poultry feed?

GMO‘s and Low Egg Production 

Here in the US, you may have heard about tractor supply corporation’s problems that have been alleged against their poultry feed for backyard egg laying flocks. Some say that their backyard chicken flocks being fed tractor supply’s brand, have practically stopped laying any eggs at all.

It’s interesting to note that tractor supply’s brand uses genetically modified organism (GMO) corn. Many US dairy farmers will not give their milk producing cows, GMO corn because it allegedly causes spontaneous abortions in their herds. 

If GMO’s potentially cause harm to embryos in dairy cows, is it too far a stretch to imagine they could negatively affect egg production in chickens?

Accounts are also being shared of egg production from backyard flocks increasing back to normal levels once the chickens are switched over to local, non-GMO feed.  

GMO’s link to negative health consequences is exactly why we at Freedom Valley Farm ONLY give our chickens Non-GMO, locally sourced feed. You can feel confident in that!

How To Increase Your Food Security 

chickens on pastureSo while Mexican farmers and we, the farmers at Freedom Valley share the same commitment to remaining GMO free, you may find a trip south of the border for your farm fresh food products a wee bit inconvenient :-)! 

If that describes you, we heartily welcome and thank you for your commitment to buying local! By buying your food from local farms like ours, you are supporting the resilience and stability of your local food system. That will help to ensure that your food is available and of the highest nutritional , as well as flavor quality, when YOU need it.

So, we’d love to hear from you. What exciting steps have you taken recently to become more food secure?

Gina HambyGina – Freedom Valley Farmer