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Pork Leaf Fat


Use this pork fat to make the best homemade lard! From non-gmo wood-lot pastured pork, free from antibiotics, added hormones and vaccines. The delivered package will weigh between 1.5 and 2lbs.

To make lard, first cut the fat into as small a pieces as you can. Penny sized is great, the smaller the better.

Then cook it low and slow, we even do it in the crock pot, as the stove heat can be too hot even on low. You want to cook slow, but not too long to where the liquid starts to brown or burn, as this will create a “burnt” flavor in your lard. Also make sure to stir regularly. Once you start to see the cracklings (which are the leftover pieces of fat that will not render down), strain out the cracklings and put in mason jars to cool.

You want to cook low and slow to render out the fat into liquid, but not too long so as to burn the liquid. 12 hours should be plenty of time. Can be cooled and placed in fridge or even the freezer for long term storage.

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