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Prepayment Savings Opportunity

Pigs fed in woodsIn 2024, our farm continues to expand.  We are continually finding new ways to expand our operations. All this growth is great news for us and our dream of having a thriving regenerative family farm business. But with all this growth comes some big hurdles.

Big hurdles like capital. It takes cash to fund this new growth, and to embark on some of these new projects. 

These projects don’t include our regular upfront costs for the year, like buying feed, baby animals and supplies for the year ahead in the spring. Many of these costs come in the spring time, long before any payments come back in from the food we raise.

Last year in 2023 we offered a way for customers to invest in Freedom Valley Farm, and get a bit of a kickback for doing so. It worked out really well and our customers enjoyed it, so we are doing it again for 2024.

Here’s how it works.

For those who are willing and able, we invite you to make a $1500 or more food prepayment which we will in turn give back to you as a gift card. This gift card will not have an expiration date, and can be used in-person and online for your orders.

You can use your gift card at whatever pace you like. Whether it takes 6 months or several years to use it is up to you.

Your kickback is an immediate 5% applied to your gift card balance, which with a $1500 prepayment, would make your total gift card balance $1575. 

To get started, first send us an email or give us a call to make sure we still have the opportunity open. Then, simply mail us a check, hand it to your delivery driver, or deliver it to us at the farm (or cash). Make it out to Freedom Valley Farm, put in the memo line “food prepayment” and we’ll issue you the gift card. Make sure to include a good email address as that is how we will deliver the gift card. It’s that simple.

Mailing address: 2523 Bradenbaugh Road, White Hall MD 21161.

We will close this offer around mid-April, or once our pre-payment need has been met.

And please know we are so grateful for your support!
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