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Pastured Turkey

Turkeys are raised much like our chickens, in open bottom shelter where they have constant access to the fresh grass, bugs and critters teaming within the grass. The birds have free access to non-GMO feed, but gather a considerable part of their diet between the forage and bugs. We never use antibiotics, vaccines or added hormones. 

We then move these shelters daily to new grass, allowing the birds a new piece of ground to forage over, as well as giving them a fresh bed of grass to rest in overnight.  Compare this to how turkeys are typically raised, where the birds are kept inside in tight confinement, never seeing sunshine and fresh air, and are fed a grain-based diet with no forages. Not to mention they require antibiotics and vaccines to combat extremely unsanitary conditions.

Through our methods, we are able to produce a truly superior turkey for your Thanksgiving table!

Buy Pastured Turkey

We do not raise our own turkeys here at the farm, to allow us to focus our energy on other areas of our farm that are growing and thriving! However we do purchase an order of fresh turkeys from Nicks Organic Farm in southern MD. These turkeys are fed non-GMO organic feed and are aggressively pastured, moved to new pasture daily. They will be processed by Nicks farm in November, and then ready for pickup here at the farm prior to Thanksgiving. They will be fresh, not frozen.