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Eighth of a Pig


Order an 1/8 of a pig! Our pigs are wood-lot pastured and only fed Non-GMO feed.

We have our pork processed at Schmucker’s, a USDA inspected facility. All cuts come frozen and packed in vacuum sealed packages. This 1/8 pig is in stock and available for delivery or pickup at our farm store immediately.

In the 1/8 share of pork you will find:

  • Pork chops
  • Breakfast and Italian sausage
  • Bacon, smoked (nitrate free)
  • Ham Steaks (nitrate free)
  • Spare rib
  • A pork roast
  • Maybe some soup bones
  • 1 Bag pork fat
  • 1 Pork feet

Expect to get around 20-25lbs or pork in the 1/8 pork share.

Only 2 left in stock