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Stewing Hen Deposit


Our stewing hens are spent laying hens, that have been pastured and fed only non-GMO feed. They are of course much more lean than a meat chicken, but are full of rich yellow fat, which makes them great for soups and bone broths. Free from antibiotics, vaccines and added hormones. (Please note that these birds often have very fine hairs that are not always able to be removed)

Place the $4 deposit on the chicken and then pay the remaining balance on your chicken once you pick up. 1 deposit = 1 chicken reserved for you. So put in your cart as many deposits as you want chickens.

Our price for our laying hens is $2.99/lb. These hens range in weight from 3-5lbs.

Availability: You will be able to pickup your chicken on Saturday, June 15th from 10 a.m – 4 p.m. We do ask that you put this date on your calendar and plan to be at our farm store for pick up on that day. If you are not able to pickup your chicken on your selected date, we will freeze your chickens (so they keep) and will charge our freezer chicken price of $3.79/lb. The $4 deposit is non refundable.

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