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Quarter of a Beef


Buy your quarter of 100% grass fed beef here. Always 100% grass fed and finished. No antibiotics, vaccines or added hormones ever in our pasture raised beef! Stock up your freezer!

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Reserve your order for a quarter of our 100% grass fed beef. You can choose to get your quarter of beef in either June, August or December 2024. We have our beef processed by Belmont Meat’s, Smucker’s meats . The processors dry age the beef for 1-2 weeks. All cuts are vacuum wrapped and hard frozen and individually labeled. You will be notified once your beef is available for pick up at the farm.

Our beef comes from our partner farmers that we work with in Pennsylvania, namely from Bill Brooks and George Lake. These farms are practicing the same methods of farming we do, including mob stock grazing, continuous rotations, no antibiotic or vaccine usage, and 100% grass fed from start to finish. These are trusted partners that are more friends then business partners, we 100% trust their product and quality. They graze their cows on sweet grass pastures, ensuring a superior pasture raised beef.

All prices are based off of the hanging weight. Our price is $6.85/lb. for a quarter of a grass fed beef. Please note that your take home weights on the beef will be less than the hanging weight, because of trimming and removal of some bones. You can either choose to have us specify to the processor a standard set of cuts for your beef, or you can choose to have us contact you for completely custom cuts.

In a standard set of cuts you can expect to find the following:

  • Steaks: Porterhouse, T-Bone, Sirloin, Rib steaks (ribeye), cut to 1″ thickness Flank, Skirt and maybe chip steak. Sometimes we have the steaks cut as boneless, which would be NY strip and Filet Mignon, Sirloin and Delmonico, in place of the above bone-in steaks.
  • Roasts: Sirloin tip, Round, Chuck, London broil and arm roast.
  • Also included: Ground beef (in 1lb. packages) maybe beef cubes and soup bones and organs (if you want them)

Plan on getting back 90-110lbs. of grass fed beef. Estimated cost: $1050– $1450, and this includes the processing fee. The $100 deposit is non-refundable.

ASAP: We may be able to get you a 1/4 of beef sooner than the listed pickup dates. Lead time can be anywhere from available immediately to upwards of 8-10 weeks. Choose this option and we will reach out to let you know when we will have your beef available for pickup.

Got questions? Feel free to email or call us for help with ordering!

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June, August, December, ASAP