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Pastured Goat (Chevron)

An example of meats found within a beef share.

We raise our meat goats on fresh pastures and wooded lots with hay for feed in the winter. Our meat goats do get occasional grain feed, this is just meant to help supplement their diet if the pasture is not in full bloom.

We do have available some goat meat in our on farm store. We also will have bulk goat available late spring 2019. You will pickup your goat order at the on farm store, we will notify once your goat is available for pickup. 

You can either choose to have us specify to Bowman’s a standard set of cuts for your goat, or you can choose to have Bowman’s contact you for completely custom cuts. All prices are based off of the hanging weight. Please note that your take home weights on the goat will be less than the hanging weight, because of trimming and removal of some bones. Bowman’s will charge a processors fee, which will be due at time of pickup, $62.50 for a half share, $125 for a whole goat.

Half Goat Share

$5.99/lb + $62.50 Bowman’s processing fee

Whole Goat

$4.99/lb + $125 Bowmans processing fee