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Our Farm Principles

There is a huge problem with the food we all eat today.

The problem lies in the fact that the food industry is always asking themselves, “how can we make this food cheaper, and how can we make it faster?”

Here at Freedom Valley Farm, we are always asking ourselves, “how can we make our food better, both from a quality standpoint, and an environmental standpoint?” This is the question that we return to, and that drives our production process. 


All animals have access to fresh grass and are rotated to new grass routinely. This not only helps build solid and improve soil fertility, it also produces a nutritionally superior meat.

For animals that do require grain, such as poultry and pigs, only non-GMO grains are used. 


We invite you to come and see the farm for yourself, and the methods in which our animals are raised. This allows you and others to have complete confidence when buying food from us.

Community Based

We love our community and enjoy that we are able to provide healthy, fresh food to those around us.

When you buy from us, you know where it came from and can enjoy supporting a local business. 

Quality of Life

While we do raise animals for food, we believe that animals should be treated with great respect and that they should live a life where they are able to be content and comfortable.

That’s why you won’t see chickens so unhealthy they can barely walk cramped in fecal infested buildings around here.