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Private Tours

Wanting to tour the farm with a farmer as your tour guide? Schedule a private tour! We will show you all the animals and give you the chance to get up close to cows, chickens, pigs, turkeys and even mini sheep! See our tour ordering page for more info

Field Trips 

Looking to schedule a field trip for your class? We offer an awesome educational tour, showing students (young and old) methods of farming that actually have a positive impact on the land, that works to heal the environment. We can gear this tour towards any age, and can cover a wide variety of topics, whatever learning topics would be of most benefit for the class. Call or email us today to schedule your field trip! 

Private Tour and Field Trip Rates: 

  • 1-8  People: $60 
  • 9-12 People: $95 
  • 13-20 People: $135
  • 21+ People: Give us a call 

Book your private tour online today!

Chicken Processing Class

Want to learn how to process your own chicken? We can show you how! This class will go over the following:  

  • How we raise our meat chickens, what they eat and how we care for them
  • A pasture walk to show how we raise our chickens on pasture
  • How to humanely butcher a chicken
  • How to eviscerate (gut) and package a chicken

 You may be excited to be very hands on for this class, or you may choose to take a hands off approach, and just watch. We are happy to accommodate either learning preference 🙂 We understand that taking the life of an animal can be a very difficult subject for some people. We respect and are thankful for the life of each animal we butcher, but will offer you the opportunity to step away if this is something you prefer not to see.

What are folks saying about the chicken processing class?

“It definitely gave me an appreciation for the process. It was informative and surprisingly fun. You and your family obviously take this seriously and have a knack for teaching. Most importantly – my family all agreed – this was the best chicken we’ve ever eaten.”    Wayne H 

If you have any questions about this class please contact us, we would be happy to help! 

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